Links to my other webpages

iType2 : My blog, started when I discovered I had diabetes (  iType2

Lost Walks : The blog I began for the Lost Walkers (  Lost Walks

Mike Leaman : An old blog that I started in 2006 but don't do much with (NB middle name & thin2flower 4 entry & wesertown 4 private) ( Mike Leaman

Mike's Webpage  now known as My Kelly Man :My original and main website. Hosted by Andrews and Arnold. Started donkeys years ago but never much developed. I transferred my iWeb site here when Apple gave up support for it ( My Kelly Man

My Kelly Man : Another My Kelly Man - the first version and same sign-in as this webpage ( My Kelly Man

My Kelly Man : My main Wordpress website { and wesertown + thinflower 4 private}  ( My Kelly Man
                         NB It's best to sign into this site by going to a separate browser and using & wesrtown)

mikeleaman : A google website that I haven'e done much with  ( mikeleaman

reinhardt's blog : A blog I started in 2004  ( reinhardt's blog

reinhardtdanzig's blog : Another blog started when I learnt about my diabetes  ( reinhardtdanzig's blog

Reinhardt Danzig : A Wordpress blog meant for ideas but not much used (NB middle name & thin2flower 4 entry & wesertown 4 private) :