Me, wondering what to do now that I've created this site....................

....................which was set up on 5th April 2010 - but what now?   Postscript: Still scratching my head on 12th August 2010 as to what to do next!

Update as of 22nd June 2011: Brilliant! A solution finally. The amazing Steve Jobs has helped me decide what to do with this site. Now that he has plans to arbitrarily shut down MobileMe and iWeb, I realise I need to find a new home for my main web site. And this is where it'll be! Thank you Google. I look forward to transferring my Mac stuff to here and expanding this site. Such a shame that Apple are so capricious - all about style but no substance. 

But that didn't happen. No need in the end.

Now July 2012 and still in embryonic form. Oh Dear! I must get around to making better use of this website.

Oh, dear! And it is now January 2014 and still nothing really added! But this is me now -


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